Abnormal Psychology Quiz Bank for Online Test

1. WAIS and WISC are examples of.
A. Intelligence tests
B. Personality Inventories
C. Projective Tests
D. Clinical Observations
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2. It considered representing a person’s overall level of intelligence.
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3. DSM-IV-TR was released in.
A. 2000
B. 2013
C. 1994
D. 1987
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4. Thematic Apperception Test is a type of.
A. Projective Test
B. Personality Inventories
C. Intelligence Tests
D. Clinical Observations
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5. Thoughts of death and suicidal ideation refers to
A. Anxiety
B. Psychosis
C. Depression
D. Stress
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6. Another word used for ‘word salad’ is.
A. Derailment
B. Disorganization
C. Incoherence
D. Tangentially
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7. A perception like experience occurs without an external stimulus.
A. Hallucinations
B. Delusion
C. Illusion
D. Sensation
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8. These are symptoms of Panic Attack.
A. Trembling or Shaking
B. Delusions
C. Hallucinations
D. Loss of Appetite
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9. Herman Rorschach was a.
A. Swiss Psychiatrist
B. German Psychiatrist
C. British Psychiatrist
D. French Psychiatrist
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10. The personality disorder closely correlated with crime is.
A. Antisocial
B. Paranoid
C. Histrionic
D. Avoidant
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11. Switch from one topic to another in speech is.
A. Disordered
B. Disorganization
C. Derailment
D. Detachment
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12. It refers to lack of interest in social interactions.
A. Sociality
B. Alogia
C. Avolition
D. Anhedonia
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13. Client’s awareness, insight and mood are evaluated through.
A. Standardized test
B. Mental Status Examination
C. Structured interviews
D. Intelligence test
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14. Rorschach test developed in.
A. 1911
B. 1921
C. 1931
D. 1941
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15. It is a determination that a person’s problem reflects a particular disorder.
A. Assessment
B. Diagnose
C. Treatment
D. Examination
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16. MMPI is type of.
A. Personality inventories
B. Projective test
C. Intelligence test
D. Clinical observation
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17. DSM-V was released in.
A. 1987
B. 1984
C. 2000
D. 2013
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18. Belief that one is going to be harmed by an individual or a group is.
A. Referential Delusion
B. Persecutory Delusion
C. Grandiose Delusion
D. Somatic Delusion
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19. More talkative and inflated self-esteem are symptoms of.
A. Anxiety
B. Stress
C. Depression
D. Mania
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20. Fear of blood-injection-injury is type of.
A. Social Phobia
B. Specific Phobia
C. Agora Phobia
D. Anxiety
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21. CT scans, PET scans and MRIs are example of.
A. Projective techniques
B. Neuroimaging techniques
C. Personality inventories
D. Intelligence tests
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22. Clients are instructed to observe themselves in.
A. Observation
B. Self-monitoring
C. Analog observation
D. Naturalistic observation
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23. Irrational fears are.
A. Phobias
B. Obsessions
C. Compulsions
D. Delusions
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24. Decrease in reactivity to the environment is.
A. Catatonic behavior
B. Bizarre behavior
C. Paranoid
D. Disorganized thinking
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25. Clinicians asked open-ended questions in.
A. Slandered interviews
B. Slandered questionnaires
C. Unstructured interviews
D. Structured interviews
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26. Ambiguous, unclear content is shown in.
A. Personality inventories
B. Projective tests
C. Structured interviews
D. Unstructured interviews
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27. It focuses on preoccupations regarding health and organ functions.
A. Referential delusion
B. Persecutory delusion
C. Grandiose delusion
D. Somatic delusion
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28. It refers to diminished speech output.
A. Asociality
B. Alogia
C. Avolition
D. Anhedonia
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