Psychology Facts that you Must know!

Psychology Facts

  • Myth: Therapy is for people who can’t help themselves

      Fact: Therapy is for people who want to help themselves.

  •  People who are embarrassed easily tend to be more loyal to their friends.
  •  Fathers who do more chores around the house like cleaning and doing laundry, tend to have more ambitious daughters
  • Physical activity can slow brain ageing by as much as 10 years reports a study published in the journal of neurology.
  • Reading and enjoying books as a teenager is the activity most strongly linked with getting a professional career later in life.
  • Nothing has to be wrong with you to see a therapist. Therapy can be very helpful even if you aren’t dealing with major losses as problems.

More people need to see this

  • Cuddling releases a hormone called ‘OXYTOCIN’. It’s a natural pain reliever that clams you and eases stress. It can even help wounds heal faster.
  • Things that don’t define you;
    • Your mistakes
    • Your mental illness
    • Your problems
    • Things that do define you;
    • Your personality
    • Your goals
    • Your qualities.
  • The color blue causes the brain to release relaxing hormones.
  •  Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life in the foundation for all abundance.
  • Music triggers the same reward system in the brain as alcohol and cocaine.
  • Don’t take everything someone says to your personal. What people say in often a reflection of them not you.
  •  People who laugh more are able to tolerate pain better, both physically and mentally.
  • Appreciation is a wonder full thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.
  • People who blush easily tend to the perceived as more trust worthy.
  • You don’t lose real friends, real opportunities or real relationship when you start standing up for yourself. You lose abusers manipulate and narcissists.
  • Your decisions are more rational when thought in another language.
  • People with a healthy ego are less likely to experience nightmares.
  • Developing a better vocabulary may help protect you against depression. It allows you to precisely label, and therefore control your emotions.
  • Traumatic stress in childhood can lead to brain changes in adulthood.
  •  If something takes less than 5 min to do.  Do it immediately, your life will become much more organized and productive.
  • You are not obligated to stay in contact with anyone who threatens your mental health, wellbeing peace or happiness.
  • Intelligent people often have fewer friends than the average person. Smarter people are often more selective with their friends.
  • Know who you are so others cannot project who they are onto you.
  • Gamophobia is the fear of marriage, relationships or commitment.
  • Shutout to anyone who has pulled themselves out of a dark place .You deserves recognition. Keep it up! You’ve got this.
  • Reading books on a regular basis can help slow down Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
  • Sunlight improves your mood, reduces anxiety & balances the mind.
  • Only praising children for their intelligence may hinder their progress. Instead, children should be praised more for their effort.
  • Normalize not feeling bad for walking away from anything that threatens your mental health, peace and wellbeing.
  • The chills you sometimes get from listening to music are caused by the release of dopamine in your brain.
  • Loving someone harder to make them love you is usually a trauma response. Loving yourself.   
  • Saying someone shouldn’t be delight because someone else may have it better. You own emotional experience is suitable and totally separate from anyone else.
  • Pluviophile” refers to a person who loves the noise of rain, or feels delight & calm or rainy days.
  • The relationship between 20 and 28 years of ages is very strong and long lasting.
  • Sleep directly after studying. You will remember what you have learned better.
  • School uniforms don’t improve child behavior or attendance at all.
  • Dreams often expose feelings that we have unseen or reserved because dreams are a reflections of our unconscious mind.


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