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Definition and Scope of Consumer Psychology:

Important questions:

The Patron Psychology field seeks to remember how people use decisions to own assets (time, effort and money) in consumer-related gadgets. Key questions facing client psychologists include:

• What do clients buy?

• Why buy it?

• When you buy it?

• Where can you buy?

• How often do they use it?

• How do they compare products after purchase?

• The impact of these criticisms on future buying behavior

• How do they dispose of goods?


“Psychology is the technical knowledge of behavior and intellectual property”


• A consuming character, especially one who uses a product

• Customer of products or services

Psychology Client:

“Purchaser psychology looks at how human beings relate to the goods and offerings they purchase or use.”

Consumer psychologists examine without hesitation all the psychological and behavioral responses that may arise within the context of human functioning as a protector. And in line with the wishes of psychologists around the world, studies carried out by means of customer psychologists are designed to explain, assume, interpret, and / or affect customer responses to community and product and enterprise-related studies.

Consumer Psychology courses can be used:

• Provide records to groups and consumers about the interests or needs of the community

• To effectively and efficiently assist an agency (income or non-profit) with products, services, or ideas

• Handwritten drawings of presidential teams that may be responsible for product safety, product identification, marketing claims testing, and ethical marketing practices.


Presentations on Consumer Psychology

Customer psychology carries a extensive variety of theoretical, theoretical, and sensible theories. For now, however, the strongest representation comes from researchers inside the fields of cognitive psychology, social psychology, marketing, and marketing.

Social Psychology

The influence of social conditions on one’s mind and thoughts.

Cognitive Psychology:

Psychological representation research and information processing.


Draw positive attention to goods or services in the community to encourage sales.


Presentations for Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology contains a wide range of theory, theory, and practical theories. At present, however, the strongest presentations come from researchers in the fields of psychology, social psychology, marketing, and marketing.

Social Psychology:

The influence of social conditions on one’s mind and thoughts.

Cognitive Psychology:

Psychological representation research and information processing.


Draw positive attention to goods or social services to promote sales.


A game an employer makes to sell a purchase or sale of a service or product.

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Consumer psychology Topics:

  • Introduction to consumer psychology
  • Introduction to consumer psychology (implementing the marketing concept)
  • Introduction to consumer psychology (marketing mix)
  • Value and retention focused marketing consumer decision making process
  • Consumer research (consumer research paradigms)
  • Major steps in consumer research process
  • Quantitative research designs & data collection methods
  • Quantitative research data collection techniques
  • Customer satisfaction measurement, sampling, and data analysis and reporting
  • Market segmentation and its bases
  • Bases for segmentation demographic & psychographic segmentation
  • Bases for segmentation: sociocultural, use related & usage situation segmentation
  • Bases for segmentation: benefit segmentation
  • Bases for segmentation: hybrid segmentation strategies
  • Market segmentation
  • How culture is learnt environmental influences
  • Subculture
  • Age and gender subculture
  • Social class
  • Understanding personality
  • Consumer motivation
  • Understanding learning
  • Instrumental conditioning, information processing and memory
  • Attitudes
  • Attitude formation and change
  • Attitude change strategies
  • Consumerism
  • Decision and purchase
  • Post purchase evaluation
  • Post purchase dissonance

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