Until recently, some scientists and some government officials were concerned about the natural environment and the long-term effects of technological advancement, population growth and urban prosperity. Technological advances have been commended for improving the quality of life at the first level of existence and for facilitating the acquisition of luxury and convenience, without acknowledging the results of these first tier environmental improvements. The region’s rhetoric has never been publicized, and several lawmakers have worked tirelessly to protect it. Step by step, although we have been able to maintain a balance between the environment and normal housing, we have seen that this balance can be managed without difficulty with human mobility.

The dangers of acid rain, the failure of nuclear power plants, and the problems of controlling and releasing toxic compounds will be mentioned. Other guarantees are also considered. Between this is the expansion of the city and the decay of the city. Elimination of non-renewable assets is inevitable; And fair value is a feature of the past. Chemicals including dioxin, formaldehyde, PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl), and / or sulfur dioxide, which once looked best in the medical dictionary, are common and currently unknown sites including Mohabbat Canal, Chernobyl, and Bhopal. , And the 3-mile island is in the process of creation. A list of almost everyone’s places they would like to ignore. The human tendency to misuse and misuse reliable electricity and the environment is now clearly evident. Despite these seemingly never-ending revelations, we have all begun to understand the role of the boy in protecting planetary life, understanding the effects of modern movements on the effects of fate, and remembering the various ways that harm the environment. Has started to do.

However, we have started, and the daily newspapers and nightly reports of these days often report on our misuse of water, land and air, as well as the rapid depletion of energy resources. Many local, regional and commercial laws governing the use of our physical property were developed and enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Measures are being taken to prevent oil spills, explosives furnaces from emitting harmful fumes and particles into the atmosphere, sewage and toxic chemical compounds into the water, and solids from accumulating. Efforts are also being made to reduce waste, reduce electricity consumption, design homes for the sale of public goods, plan for urban development, and establish and maintain desert areas.

Despite the urgent efforts of scientists, engineers, political and religious leaders, and society as a whole, environmental issues remain unresolved. There have been numerous problems with people in their area, but practical measures have never been taken to express this concern.

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Environmental Debate:

There are those who say that nature has done so much damage that the earth may become uninhabitable in the 21st century. They angrily point to the biodiversity that has become extinct over the last 100 years, the desolation of plant species, deforestation, and dehydration due to acid rain. They see nature as helpless in the war between the wicked and the helpless. He says exploitation by the weak to protect natural resources through efficient use and selection has turned the environment into a battlefield and a major part of the struggle.

There are people who proudly point out the important steps that have been taken to end human suffering and improve human behavior in the fields of agriculture, medicine and even planning technology. It is said that when there is a problem, human intelligence solves it. There:

No shortage of energy, abortion is a problem.

There is no human problem except the unequal distribution of species. No problem with toxic waste, just a few bugs outside the walkways and garage.


Environmental psychology covers a research area based primarily on the number of fields. Biologists, geologists, psychologists, lawyers, geologists, economists, sociologists, chemists, physicists, historians, philosophers, and all their fellow engineers in all sub-fields and measurements. A combination of complex, often important, relationships between people and their places. Although this information is sought for general study to indicate that “many scientists are involved in environmental considerations, your followers are always aware of dry social issues to emphasize the rational use of mathematics.”

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Environmental Psychology Topics:

  • What is environmental psychology?
  • Theories in environmental psychology
  • Arousal theories
  • Elementary psychophysics
  • Perception and its cognitive basses
  • Stress as cause and effect
  • Physiology of stress
  • Social bases of attitudes
  • General adaptation syndrome
  • Researching stress: the environmental context
  • Measuring stressors
  • Measuring stress: psychological assessment
  • The study of culture
  • Population and environment
  • Impact of environment in its incumbents
  • Urbanization
  • Prisons
  • Education environments
  • Situational design reconsidered & queuing theory
  • Energy use in homes and commercial buildings
  • Strategies for saving energy
  • Further plans – cities and global interaction in reference to issues studied
  • Summing up environmental psychology

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