Introduction To Positive Psychology (PSY409)


“Positive Psychology is part of the human thoughts and behavior that learns and promotes the nice of humanity.”

It has always been part of the technological know-how of psychology; however present day life has increased the want to pay special attention to effective elements of psychology. Tremendous psychology is a good part of psychology. Therefore, it will sooner or later cover almost each bankruptcy of the Psychology introduction Textbook.


• offer a précis of the sub-fields of effective psychology

• Highlighting and discussing the emotional, mental, and social situations that may improve one’s lifestyles.

• Gaining a deeper knowledge of current studies that specializes in happiness, happiness, creativity, morality, float, well-being, and so forth.

• discuss how high-quality changes may be made in a person’s lifestyles via thinking and behaving nicely

• Gaining perception into beyond, gift and future matters that make a contribution to non-public satisfaction and happiness.

• discover and use constructive emotions and strength to promote personal boom.

• Use the expertise won from the high-quality Psychology route to sell the improvement of those nice factors of the human mind, by means of directing both individuals and establishments in which they paintings.

Learning Outcomes

• Upon crowning glory of this direction newbies will be capable of:

• apprehend the significance of personal enjoy and factors that make contributions to extra well-being.

• improve their relationships and interactions with others.

• conquer or lessen strain in existence.

• expand an in-depth expertise of present day studies that makes a specialty of human power and splendor.

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Dimensions of Positive Psychology:

The range of capability areas of hobby in psychology is huge, but, a few broad scales have been used to describe the new surroundings in a preferred way. to be able to expand talent and make lifestyles greater pleasing, trustworthy psychology focuses on three regions of human revel in that help outline the scope and shape of a effective mindset.

Subjective level:

At the subjective stage, fine psychology classifies fantastic or bad feelings including happiness, pleasure, pride in lifestyles, rest, intimacy, and pride. right confession of sins may additionally consist of fantastic thoughts approximately the character and the future, including desire and hope. effective affirmations might also include emotions of energy, energy, and confidence, or the effects of wonderful emotions consisting of laughter.

Individual Level:

At the individual degree, direct mental technology makes a specialty of the have a look at of fantastic personality developments, or chronic and modern behavioral styles seen in people through the years. This research may additionally encompass individual traits inclusive of courage, patience, honesty, or ingenuity. That is, fantastic psychology involves the look at of behaviors and tendencies which have historically been used to explain the “electricity of characters” or true qualities. it may additionally consist of the capacity to develop a feel of splendor or to go into the creative energy and motivation to pursue beauty.

Society/Group Level

At the organization or network degree, direct psychology specializes in the improvement, introduction, and preservation of desirable establishments. In this location, affirmative psychology addresses problems consisting of network development, building healthful households, getting to know approximately wholesome offices, and optimistic groups.

Psychology’s Forgotten Mission:

Psychology did now not focus on the dynamic, healthful, and positive elements of humanity. In fact, for decades professional psychologists have unnoticed to examine the coolest factors of human behavior. Seligman (2000) notes that prior to international struggle II, there were 3 predominant mind machines:

• The number one job of a psychiatrist is to treat mental contamination. The devastating consequences of intellectual infection on many humans, their families, and society required that psychologists use medical methods to discover solutions to the problem.

• The second goal of consciousness became to accumulate and increase intelligence and expertise. Many early studies in this vicinity centered on highbrow improvement.

• The 0.33 goal of mindfulness turned into to make ordinary lifestyles more pleasurable. Clearly, there may be a great deal extra to lifestyles than simply taking part in lifestyles to the total.

The remedy of intellectual contamination changed into an exquisite success, within the early 1950’s, however there was no real remedy for mental illness. People were viewed as helpless whilst confronted with emotions of adolescence oppression, environmental affect, or genetic predisposition. Psychiatrists begin to treat mind harm, youth disabilities, impaired conduct, and poor driving. The Face of Psychology modified after the war and the last missions were forgotten.

Positive Psychology Topics:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Introduction
  • Perspectives On Positive Psychology
  • Classification And Measures Of Human Strengths
  • Measures Of Human Strengths & Positive Outcomes
  • Positive Emotions
  • Happiness & Subjective Well-Being
  • Determinants Of Subjective Well-Being
  • Emotion Focused Coping
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Socioemotional Selectivity
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Optimism
  • Hope
  • Positive Development Across The Life Span: Resilience
  • Resilience In Later Years
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Courage & Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness & FLOW
  • Spirituality/ Religiosity
  • Religiosity & Altruism
  • Altruism & Gratitude
  • Measuring Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Attachment
  • Attachment & Flourishing Relationships
  • Moving Toward Balanced Conceptualizations & Enhancing the Good
  • Enhancing the Good & Positive Schooling
  • Positive Schooling
  • Good Work
  • A Positive Look at the Future of Psychology
  • Positive Psychology: Final Review

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