21 Best psychology facts about crushes Falling in love

What Are The Psychological Facts About Crush?

Psychologically speak me, crushes arise while a person of any age obligations their thoughts and values ​​onto a few other character who they believe has effective qualities and with whom they need to be associated. Then the man or woman in love attaches strong remarkable feelings to this magical image they have created.

Psychology Facts about Crushes:

1. brain overlooks

When you have crush on someone, your brain overlooks that flaws that person has.

2. after that its love

Crush lasts about 4 months, after that its love.

3. name of your crush

After learning name of your crush, you see it everywhere.

4. Sign of attraction

Mimicry is the sign of attraction.

6. instant link

Want to create an instant link with your crush take his/her name twice in conversation.

7. miss your crush

Pretending not to miss your crush, trick you into even more to miss him/her.

8. Can’t lie

If you have crush on someone, then you can’t lie to him/her.

9. imaginary conversation

You’ve probably had an imaginary conversation with your crush, at least once.

10. mental strength

Having a conversation with your crush improves mental strength.

11. close friend

According to a study when you fall in love you lose two close friends.

12. Listening to love songs

Thinking of someone you love while listening to love songs can intensify emotions and enhance psychophysiological responses.

13. more attractive

Your crush sees you as 20 more attractive than you think you are.

14. See it everywhere

After learning the name of your crush you see it everywhere.

15. A shoulder to cry on

If you want to get someone’s attention be their shoulder to cry on.

16. Flirting

Flirting makes you happier.

17. conflict and divorce

Soul mates experience high levels of satisfaction but also experience high levels of conflict and divorce.

18. soulmate relationships

Those who considered themselves to be in soulmate relationships identified as an intuitive component.

19. soulmates embrace conditional love

People with strong belief in soulmates embrace conditional love and are ready to break up once they feel they are not meant to be together.

20. through anthropomorphism

Thinking of someone you love can reduce your need to reconnect through anthropomorphism.

21. reporting conflict

A woman who was socially supported has 55 more chances of reporting conflict with her soulmate.

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