Define Behavioral Psychology and Examples

introduction to Everyday Behavioral Psychology Examples

How and why do people behave the way they do? Understanding behavioral psychology examples can help us better understand and control our own behaviors, as well as predict what others will do in certain situations. Here are ten everyday examples of operant behavior from our own lives that you might not have considered examples of operant behavioral psychology before.

Define Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology or behaviorism, is the theory that the environment shapes human behavior. Basically, behavioral psychology is the study and analysis of observed behavior.

How we start our days can affect our mood

Everyone starts their day differently. Some people wake up to the sound of birds chirping, while others are woken up by their alarm clocks. However, research has shown that our mood can be affected by how we start our days. Studies show that those who had a more aggressive morning routine were more likely to feel aggressive and frustrated later in the day.

Others who woke up feeling refreshed and energized were more likely to remain in a good mood throughout the day. The way you start your day sets the tone for how you’re going to feel for the rest of it! It’s important to have a routine that leaves you feeling great so you can take on whatever challenges come your way.

Focusing on what’s most important:
Sometimes, getting everything done on time is hard. It seems like everything happens at once and there just isn’t enough time in the day. In these moments it’s easy to get distracted by all the little things, but successful people know what’s most important and work towards achieving their goals no matter what gets in their way.

It’s ok to wait in line

You might think that waiting in line is a waste of time, but there are actually many benefits to standing in line for your turn. First of all, waiting in line teaches you how to be patient with other people, which is a very important social skill. It also teaches you how to wait for your turn, which will help you when it comes time to do things like go potty or play on the monkey bars.

It’s ok to have fun while you’re waiting: Waiting in line can also be used as an opportunity to make friends and have fun. For example, the kids waiting in line at McDonald’s can play games or tell jokes while they’re waiting their turn. Lastly, by engaging in friendly conversation with those around you, you can get out of your comfort zone and make new friends!

The power of logos

You may not realize it, but logos have the power to influence you. If a company has a logo that is instantly recognizable and easy to remember, then it will be more successful than a company with an inferior logo. A great example of this is Nike’s swoosh, which can be seen on items from t-shirts to shoes. This logo gives their products instant credibility and quality in the eyes of many consumers.

Another interesting thing about logos is that they affect people’s perceptions even when they are not looking at them. In one study, researchers showed participants images of three new cars while either concealing or revealing the manufacturer’s logo; they found that those who saw the logo were much more likely to pick one car over another, despite never having seen them before.

Touch things with a purpose

Touching things has been proven to increase the amount of information that a person can retain. This is because touching something activates different parts of the brain which allows for more information to be processed than if you were just looking at it.

The best examples of this would be children’s books which they want you to touch and feel different textures or shapes. It also works with certain types of technology like touchscreen phones. If you’re not doing anything else on your phone, tap on things to interact with them and give yourself more sensory input.

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We believe what we see

One of the most powerful Behavioral Psychology Examples is how people’s beliefs about themselves can change in a matter of minutes. In one study, participants were shown a video of two men passing basketballs back and forth. One man was wearing a white t-shirt and the other was wearing a black shirt.

After watching the video twice, some of the participants were asked to recall which player passed more accurately or which player appeared more competent. The majority chose to believe that it was the player who wore a white t-shirt because that person looked like they had better control over their ball-handling skills than the player with a black shirt.

Behavioral Psychology Examples

Read everything you can get your hands on

Social behavioral psychology examples can be seen in the way people interact with each other. For example, if someone is pushing aggressively in a crowd, they are exhibiting aggression psychology. Social behavioral Psychology examples also include how we interact with our environment and what that environment can tell us about ourselves.

The classic example of this is how an individual’s room will look like their personality (messy or clean). Examples of cognitive behaviors include impulsive decisions to buy something based on one impulse. Examples of abnormal behavioral psychology include things such as depression or addiction.

Disconnect from technology regularly

It is important to disconnect from technology for a few minutes each day to avoid the negative impacts that it can have on your mental health. There are many ways to disconnect from technology such as taking a walk, turning off the TV, and reading a book. I find that limiting my time on my phone helps me disconnect more easily because I’m spending less time scrolling through social media and apps. When I do this, I feel less anxiety and enjoy myself more.

Another behavioral Psychology learning theory example you may not notice is waiting before responding to an email or text message. We are often so quick to reply without thinking about how the other person might interpret our response in a negative way; if we just wait five minutes before replying then we will probably come up with a better response than if we reply right away.

Always put your name on it

Behavioral Psychology Examples is an applied science that uses the principles of psychology to understand and predict behavior. It’s important to note that not all psychologists study behavior, but behavioral psychologists focus on how people learn and act.

The two main types of Behavioral Psychology Examples are social psychology and cognitive psychology. Social psychologists look at how people interact with each other in a group setting, while cognitive psychologists study the effect of thoughts on behavior. Examples of cognitive behaviors include

Start conversations with strangers

A couple of years ago, I was walking to a restaurant when I noticed a man who appeared to be homeless sitting on the sidewalk. He had a sign that read homeless and hungry. As I walked past him, he said something to me but I couldn’t tell what he said. When I reached the restaurant, I told my friend about what happened and she said that he probably asked for money.

Her theory made sense because he seemed aggressive in his tone. Cognitive behavior therapy is a behavioral psychology example where people are taught new ways of thinking about their lives and changing their behaviors accordingly. One cognitive behavioral psychology therapy technique is thought stopping, which works by training people to notice when they’re having a negative thought and then replace it with a more realistic one

Take more pictures of people than objects

There are many different psychological disorders, but we will focus on 10 examples of everyday behavioral psychology. Some of these disorders include aggression psychology examples, behavioral psychology learning theory examples, and examples of abnormal behavioral psychology. An aggression psychology example can be described as a group or society that collectively agrees to follow some sort of set of rules and laws.

In order for this agreement to exist in any given society, there must be some form of social pressure or coercion present that forces the members to adhere to the standards created by the group or society. One example is not allowing anyone with red hair in the meeting due to its close association with communism which is viewed as a bad ideology by those running the meeting.

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