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Psychology agency to understand, look forward and control the behavior of people in groups. As noted by world-renowned management expert Geert Hofstede, “because human beings are always human, your essence is human nature. Due to the fact that human nature seems to be very powerful in recorded figures, the essence of domination has remained strong and equally powerful throughout the ages. ”So the context of Enterprise Psychology is still focused on high-level understanding and effective deception of human behavior in agencies.

Principles / type of business organization:

Principles / type of business organization identify two main sources of data:

• Anthropology: privately take a look

• Social time: Social technology knowledge, social generation

Control is considered to address the three most important regions, technical, highbrow and personal. Psychologists saw the importance of the human phase of governance in this type of way theories had been developed to understand human behavior in business. An example of that idea comes down to the theory of Douglas McGregor X when many officials thought that their employees were lazy and lazy. This method was considered to be effective in long-term treatment. It is increasingly found later that this process is no longer applicable to modern natural desires. The impact of globalization, technological advancement, and the rapid pace of existence and all such changes within the organizational environment have had a profound effect on the overall functioning of the organization as a whole. Creative techniques are not important in recent times and new studies are being completed under the umbrella of the Psychology agency to see human behavior within the current context. Scientists remember that with a little imitation, laboratory information can be filled into industry groups, banks, stock exchanges, skills, universities, offices.

Organizational psychology:

Organizational psychology is also called organizational research principles. Is a distinct branch of psychology that combines many aspects of the various fields of psychology and human resource management, including, social era, personal science, plural psychology and advanced to psychometrics.

Initially, the Psychology company turned out not to be divided into psychology or human research. Today the business of Psychology is seen as an international region, which is taught in almost every college that offers psychotherapy. Drawings of organizational psychologists especially in one of the following regions: psychometrics; employment law; staff selection; training; electoral management, education and development; organizational structure and marketing. a few of the Organization Psychologists are academics (traveling through each of the industry and psychological departments) or uneducated researchers, at the same time as many others are busy, defensive positions as head of teaching; guide; various marketing consultant; law officer and so on.

organizational psychology Topics:
  • Introduction to Organizational Psychology
  • Methodologies of Data Collection
  • Globalization
  • Defining the Culture
  • What Is Diversity?
  • Ethics
  • Nature of Organizations
  • Organizational Culture
  • Reward Systems: Pay
  • Reward Systems: Recognition and Benefits
  • Perception
  • Perceptual Defense
  • Attribution
  • Impression Management
  • Personality
  • Attitude
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Motivation
  • Theories of Motivation
  • Motivation across Cultures
  • Positive Psychology
  • Hope
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Efficacy
  • Communication   
  • Decision Making
  • Participative Decision Making Techniques
  • Job Stress
  • Individual Stressors
  • Effects of Stress
  • Power and Politics
  • Politics
  • Groups and Teams
  • Dysfunctions of Groups
  • Job Design
  • Learning
  • OBMOD (Organizational Behavior Modification)
  • Leadership Process
  • Modern theories of leadership process
  • Great leaders: styles, activities and skills

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